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This blog contains sexual content intended for adults 18 and older. If you are under the age of 18, please view the sexual resources listed below. If you are offended by candid and explicit discussions of sexuality, including BDSM and fetishes, please leave this blog immediately.


Sexual Resources

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  1. Wooohoo, I loved reading through some of your stuff (because I can’t read through all of it X.x)… the fetish part was excellent 😛 It’s unfortunate I can’t take part in this weeks WTMFI though 😦 I wish I had a vagina so I could actually have legitimate answers to them, haha. Can’t wait until I have time to read more and older entries!! 😀 Cheers to you using pads too though!

    • It is unfortunate you can’t take part in this weeks WTMFI Wednesdays, though I definitely suggest you come back next week when we do “For Men Only…”. I plan to ask at least one question about urination 😉

      I accept non-legitimate answers to questions, as long as you are freely and openly expressing who you are, I’m down! And thanks on the pads, it’s just always been my way of menstruating, I can’t picture using tampons. I was always one of those girls who wanted to, but just never cared to 😉

      • Sweet, I’m one of those people have sometimes have way too much on my mind (sometimes sexually, lol)… I think I’m a bit too expressive for most people’s tastes 😛 I’m often the one in the group who will take a conversation over the line or go into TMI… I have weird fetishes (that’s what my site is all about, haha) and being open/expressive is who I am 😆 I’ll definitely do the WTMFI when I get home!! 😀 Cheers.

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