WTMFI Wednesdays – Week 7: Erotic Inspiration #1

Posted: March 17, 2010 in WTMFI Wednesdays
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“Put Your Hands All Over My


CherriesThis Week’s Questions

This week, we’re mixing it up a little bit. In this post, I’ll give you five sexual words. You’re mission is to write an erotic short story or poem or post based on these five words. It’s your choice if you want to write something fictional or if you’d like to write about a personal experience. As well, if instead you’d like to use pictures instead of words, or some other format altogether, you’re more than welcome to.

  1. Cock
  2. Spank
  3. Tease
  4. Breath
  5. Cum


  • Each week, for Wednesday, you post answers to the five questions that are posted. You may answer all, or only one or two of the questions. You can post in whichever format works for you, be it video, poetry, answers, pictures or audio.
  • Insert the WTMFI Wednesdays image at the top of this post (get instructions here) into your post, linking back to The Rantings of a Tortured Mind – XXX Rated Edition at https://rantingsofatorturedmindxxx.wordpress.com
  • Leave a link to your post with the answered questions in the comments section of Wednesday’s WTMFI post. There is a special page for all the links that are submitted, so be sure to submit your links.
  • Have Fun!!!!
  • … Click the Read More button to see Valerie Rayne’s answers …

    CherriesThis Week’s Answers

    It had been longer than I’d like to admit, since I last had sex, let alone, since I last had an orgasm. Every single day, I seemed to be thinking more and more about being filled by a hot and extremely hard cock. During the day, as I worked alongside beautiful people and an endless stream of customers, my thoughts often drifted to having sex.

    One day, a magnificent looking man, clumsily stumbled in through the doors of the department store I worked in. He was dressed to the nines, in a sharp suit with matching, shiny shoes. His hair was tousled about on his head, and his face hadn’t been cleanly shaved in at least a week and a half. He had this rustic, debonair thing going for him. My nipples hardened at the sight of him, and my pussy began to pulse against my will.

    His eyes met mine, as I was relentlessly staring at him. He smiled with half of his mouth, this quirky smile that sent a shiver down my spine. I felt like he could read my thoughts, and all I was thinking about was his body and his cock. Running my fingers through that hair hanging around his face.

    He walked towards me, his head half down and cocked to the right, as if he were trying to see me out the top corner of his eye. I fidgeted nervously as he stepped closer and closer. He came up and asked where we kept our bread. I pointed in the direction of the isle and as he turned, he shot me a wink. I muttered to myself, “I wish he would’ve asked for head…”.

    Without hesitation, he whipped himself around and demanded that I repeat what I had just said. He became larger than me, and I was slightly intimidated and very embarrassed. How could I have said that out loud? My hands were sweating and shaking and I felt like my heart would explode. He moved in very close to me, and I held my breath.

    He looked me straight in the eye, and reached his hand between my leg. The touch of his warm hands sent shivers down my spine, and I let out a slight moan. I could feel my wetness soak through my panties, and I wanted to pounce him right there. Instead, he backed away and asked if I could show him the way.

    As we walked, he continually managed to tease me. Without shame, and somehow with a great deal of stealth, he would grab my breasts and touch my ass. He even managed to undo my bra, even though it was underneath my shirt. We reached the bread section, and I showed him where it was. He stands behind me, and tells me to bend over and grab him a loaf of bread. As I bend over, he swiftly spanks my ass and rubs his rock hard cock against my clothed pussy.

    I turned around in an instant, and fought every bone in my body to not get down on my knees, undo his pants and begin frantically sucking his member. I must’ve given him a look that signaled I couldn’t wait any longer. The teasing and excitement and naughtiness was too much for me to bare. Quickly he told me to take him somewhere. As fast as I could, I lead him off to the back store room, knowing that there shouldn’t be anyone in there during this time of day.

    The back store room was nothing more than storage. Things that weren’t yet ready to be put on the floor of the department store, were kept back here. Boxes lined the hard cement floors, reaching almost all the way to the ceiling. The room wasn’t very large, and was crowded. Though we were both so turned on that it didn’t even matter.

    Within seconds, he had me down to my underwear and I had him naked except for his shirt and tie. We both stood there for a moment, almost inspecting the body of the other. His eyes traveled down my body, pausing for a moment on my soft, rounded breasts. My eyes traveled down his body, focusing mainly on the throbbing beast between his legs. His eyes traveled further down until they noticed the wetness dripping from between my legs.

    He reached out his hand, and firmly grabbed my breasts. He stepped forward and all I could feel was his cock pushing against my pulsating pussy. He whispered in my ear, “You promise to be on your best behaviour?”. As I slowly nodded, he grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees. He gently caressed my face, and asked me to open my mouth. I did as I was asked, and without another thought, his rock hard cock was rammed down my throat.

    With one hand on the back of my head, holding my hair up and out of the way, and the other hand over my ear, he skillfully pounded my face. My tongue working as fast as it could, up and down and around his shaft. Abruptly, he pulled back and held my head up to face him. Pre-cum and saliva filled my mouth and was running down my chin. He bent down and kissed me, and without a moments pause, had me turned over on my hands and knees.

    As I kneeled there, with only my underwear to cover me, he circled me. Stepping from behind me, to my right, and then in front of me, and at my left. At my left side, he began tracing the line of my back with his coarse, rough fingertips. It tickled quite a bit and I began to flinch. As I pulled away from him, I felt a hard thwack on my ass. I yelped and glared at him. He looked at me sternly and simply said “You promised!”.

    He went back behind me and I was fearing the worse. Did I really just invite a stranger into the store room, and was he really just going to beat me?!?!? My muscles all became tense as I kneeled there and waited for what might be coming next. He bent down, and laid his soft, full lips on my right ass cheek, gently kissing it. Then I felt hot air on my pussy, and then I felt his mouth encompassing me. Breathing in the fumes of pent up sexual frustration. Before I could even truly begin to enjoy it, he had my underwear around my knees.

    Again, he stood up, and circled me. This time starting at the left and finishing at the right. Again, a swift thwack of the ass, making me yelp and flinch all at the same time. This did not make him happy. He came up to my head, and lifted my chin. Told me I wasn’t being a very good girl. I wanted to cry so bad, but I was so turned on that I hardly even cared. All I wanted was to orgasm, by any means necessary!

    He circled around behind me again. Slowly, he inserted his hard cock into my swollen pussy. With every inch, I held my breath more, to the point where I was sure I was going to pass out. He went as deep as he could, and held himself very still inside of me, my cunt frantically clenching around him. It felt like he stayed that way forever. Then, without warning or notice, he began pounding me hard. Harder than I’d ever been pounded before. My tits were dancing to the beat of his pounding, and his rhythm never faltered.

    Suddenly, he pulled out and began spanking my ass. At first, just gentle taps. Then it was spanks, and then I felt really hot and my entire body was shaking. He seemed so angry to me, and like he was out of control. But I was wrong, he knew exactly what he was doing. As the final and hardest blows came down upon me, I could hear his breath frantic and heavy behind me. He stopped spanking and just then, spurt his cum all over my reddened ass. First warm, then cool, it felt relieving.

    After he was done cumming, he inserted his cock into me gently once more. Slowly and rhythmically pumping in and out of me. My entire body was wet and quivering, and I wanted so bad to cum. It was like he was reading my mind, as he bent his body down and began working my clit with his tongue. Two fingers found there way inside my cunt, and another in my ass. As he licked and sucked and bit, I grinded his face, matting all his facial hair with my juices.

    Within no time at all, I had reached climax and was squirting cum all over his face, which he happily and greedily licked from me. My body tensed and I bucked my head and hips, trying my hardest to contain the sounds coming from me. It felt so good and I wanted to scream so bad. He released me from his mouth and removed his fingers slowly, every muscle in my body pulsing beneath him. I collapsed flat onto the cold cement ground in an effort to catch my breath. This brought on a quick hail of spanks, and he said over and over “Did I tell you you could move?”.

    After darkening my ass to a deeper shade of red, he told me to stand. It seemed like an impossible feat to me, all my muscles limp and exhausted. He helped me up, and held me steady. I held onto him like letting go would end my life. He rubbed my hair and told me I had been very good, but that I must immediately get dressed and get back to work. The last thing I wanted to do was work…

    He handed me a card with his number on it, as I slipped on my pants and told me to call him as soon as I got home. He left the store and I carried on with the last four hours of my shift, with a sore ass as a constant reminder of the fun I had just experienced in the back store room.

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