Lori Petty Was My First Girl Crush

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Rantings
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Tonight, as I was flipping vigorously through the channels, I came across a Lori Petty and Keanu Reeves movie, and instantly remembered the first time I was ever sexually aroused by another woman.

Cover of

Cover of Tank Girl

Does anyone remember Tank Girl – the movie? When I was a kid, I remember being totally obsessed with the movie. Remember the part where Lori Petty is in the club and she runs her finger down the guys body? That was the first time ever in my life that I consciously thought about another girl in a sexual way.

When I was younger, and first started masturbating, all I ever fantasized about was doing that to someone, running my finger down their body. Thanks to the very sexy Tank Girl, Lori Petty.

Actress Lori Petty

Image via Wikipedia

It’s official, I need to watch that movie again!!! Just thought I’d share the memory 😉

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  1. I wanted to be tank girl – I think I was 16 when the movie came out – It was so ‘me’ – grunge/punk/I can do anhything a man can do/Gen X/riot grrl – esque attitude. It didn’t hurt that Courtney Love was in charge of the soundtrack, or that at the time I was living in a youth refuge run by a collective of gay women.

    This post reminds me of my tank girl days, wearing hand dyed lace nighties with Doc.s and fish-net stockings!

    (the movie you saw is called ‘Point Break’)
    P.S. I need my WTMFIW questions for last week – I look forward to Wednesdays)

    • I’m working on Week 18, but it’s for men only. So I’ll be posting that this Wednesday (June 9th, 2010). But the week after that we’ll be doing questions for couples, so I’ll e-mail you as soon as that’s posted, and you’ll see it on Twitter.

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