WTMFI Wednesdays – Week 18: For Men Only

Posted: June 9, 2010 in WTMFI Wednesdays
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“Boys Rule”

CherriesThis Week’s Questions

  1. Do you like your penis or hate your penis? Have you always been okay with the size or have you wanted it to be bigger/smaller?
  2. What is peeing like? Do you sit or stand? Hold it or just let it dangle about? Is aim of huge importance to you?
  3. What are you most often thinking about doing sex?
  4. If you could change only one part of your body, what would you change and why?
  5. When having sex, what is the one thing you are most insecure about?

Boxers or briefs?


  • Each week, for Wednesday, you post answers to the five questions that are posted. You may answer all, or only one or two of the questions. You can post in whichever format works for you, be it video, poetry, answers, pictures or audio.
  • Insert the WTMFI Wednesdays image at the top of this post (get instructions here) into your post, linking back to The Rantings of a Tortured Mind – XXX Rated Edition at https://rantingsofatorturedmindxxx.wordpress.com
  • Leave a link to your post with the answered questions in the comments section of Wednesday’s WTMFI post. There is a special page for all the links that are submitted, so be sure to submit your links.
  • Have Fun!!!!
  • Comments
    1. Lorne Clarke says:

      I am going to answer your questions. I have a large penis and I have always been happy and proud with it. I stand when I pee, and I do not have to hold it so I just let it dangle. During sex I think a lot about satisfying the lady I am with. There is nothing I want to change about my body. There is nothing I am insecure about during sex. I wear boxers. Briefs are too tight and confining.

      • Hey Lorne!!! Thanks for participating and joining The Rantings Network Headquarters! Love reading your answers and hope you’ll participate again. Don’t be afraid to go back and do older ones too, if you’ve got the time or desire.

    2. & as always you can view mine for the week @ http://www.screaming-violet.com (I moved to my own domain!)

      Or rather you can read the responses of some of my male followers & fellow bloggers – considering Im lacking the pre requisite penis

      we should do men again – few Q’s of my own I’d like to add

      • For sure ScreamingViolet, I would love to do men again! If you’ve got suggestions for questions at anytime, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me with them. I would love to have more questions that aren’t just create by me 😉

        Congratulations on the move to your own domain? I’ve been looking into doing that sort of thing, but I don’t think I want to purchase a domain until I can figure out a way to put all of my various blogs into one mega-site. Which means I’m gonna have to get much better at web design… What changed for you that made you decide to venture over from the .wordpress to your own domain? Did you set yourself some sort of goal, like once you reached a certain number of visitors you’d purchase your own domain or something?

    3. Lorne Clarke says:

      Hi Valerie, Glad to participate. Am partying today and tonite, but will be on tomorrow to check out older questions and perhaps suggest some.

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