WTMFI Wednesdays – Week 24: Exhibitionist’s Delight

Posted: July 21, 2010 in WTMFI Wednesdays
  • Question 1:

    Have you ever had sex on the beach? Do you want to?

    I’ve never had sex on the beach, and I’m unsure if I want to. When I first started having sex, I know that I wanted to all the time and often fantasized about it. Now that I’m at a more realistic age, I just keep thinking about all the sand and the cold water and sand.

    I’d rather have sex in a nice sanitary pool (preferably my own, clean one).

  • Question 2:
    When having sex outdoors, one must always _______?
    a) Lay down a blanket first
    b) Bring bug spray
    c) Be discreet
    d) Be obnoxiously loud
    What’s your favorite answer?

    This is one of those moments in life where you shake your head and say, “If I knew then, what I know now…” The me now would say (a) lay down a blanket first – again for sanitary reasons. And I’m not even that picky about sanitation… And I would probably also say (c) Be discreet.

    In the past, it didn’t matter where or when or what condition things were in or who might see. It only mattered that it didn’t matter.

  • Question 3:

    If you could have sex in one public place, where would it be and why?

    There are a ton of different places I’d love to have sex, though I’m pretty sure all of them are 100% illegal and I’m also pretty sure that it will always be a fantasy, unless I suddenly start playing the lottery and win.

    This is a hard one to narrow down too, because it would really depend on a variety of different factors. I’d like to have sex in a beautiful gazebo, and at a concert, on a roof (preferably when they’re taking pictures for Google Earth ;)), and I’ve often fantasized about a lingerie store changing room. I think it would be so hot if he just couldn’t contain himself after seeing me in some skimpy outfit and had to take me right then and there. I’d probably be more apt to buy the outfit 😉

  • Question 4:

    On a scale of 1 to 5, how worried are you about getting caught? (5 being really worried and 1 being not worried at all)

    When I was young, the thought hardly ever even crossed my mind. And the only person I was worried about being caught by was my Mom. Today, I’m at at least a 5, maybe more. I’m worried about getting caught for things that aren’t even illegal, imagine how much worse it would be if I was actually doing something illegal. I haven’t had public sex in a really long time, but if I did it today, I’d probably be incredibly nervous and stopping every ten seconds to listen for sounds of authority…

  • Question 5:

    What do you think you would do if you stumbled upon a couple having sex outdoors? Has it ever happened?

    This has never happened to me. I’m not sure how I’d react. I’d probably honestly, walk by and pretend like I hadn’t noticed and then been jealous that they got to live out this fantasy on one hand, and also angered because I didn’t consent to it, and was forced to witness it. I might clear my throat a little as I was passing by. And you bet your ass, I’ll be telling everyone I know!!!

Tell us about one of the best outdoor or public sexperiences you’ve ever had or that you would like to have.

One of the best outdoor/public sexperiences I had… Well there’s two that I can remember vividly. One time was with my first boyfriend, and I gave him head, kneeling on two feet of snow. While it was freezing cold, and we were both wet when we were done, it felt really good for him and it was alot of fun for me.

The next time was after a drunken night at the bar. I had just had my first and hadn’t lost my baby fat, but had just gotten these boots that I called my hooker boots. I paired them up with a plaid pencil skirt that I had gotten at a thrift store years before, and a white button up shirt with a black vest over it. I thought I looked incredibly sexy and wore my sexiest pair of underwear, this black and red lacy kind of thong, though it covered more of my ass, but still left my birthmark visible.

After dancing for awhile on the speaker, I noticed my skirt was beginning to rip a little bit up the back slit. Then all of a sudden, it was ripped right up to my ass. Luckily, I was drunk enough that it wasn’t the end of the world. I traveled to the nearest bathroom, and was even more lucky that the bathroom attendant suggested turning the slit to the side, so that only the top of my white stockings were showing. (This may sound very school girly. I’d like to think I was more of the head Mistress at a Prep School like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Mona Lisa Smile all at the same time!) Ingenious idea though!

I go and dance on the speaker, thinking I look like hot shit, more drunk out of my skull. This larger woman comes over, and starts screaming in my face that I look disgusting and telling me I’m a fat whore. I say something along the lines of, “You’re just jealous because all the guys are looking at me, and not you.” She turns with disgust, and a second later, I’m darting off to the bathroom bawling my eyes out, not only because I just got called disgusting but because I had said something mean to someone else.

Feeling pretty down and out, I find Alfie and tell him we need to leave. Along the way home, I’m stopping every few seconds complaining about how drunk I am, how sore my feet are, and the fact that I had gotten disgusting. We stumble upon the church, and get this idea in our heads to have sex on the church steps, which is kind of secluded, only at nighttime though. I still think my second was conceived on those steps. I wasn’t quiet, I wasn’t afraid of getting caught, it was crazy hot, and my feet didn’t hurt afterwards!!

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