2 in 1 Sex Toy Fun

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Rantings

Well, I can officially say I’ve used more than a crappy vibrator now! Finally, after two nights of having a box of sex toys calling my name, The Boyfriend and I finally got some use out of some of them.

We pulled everything that we might like to use out, laid them out for easy access and began a nice little make out session that quickly turned to toy use. First was this little jelly dildo that was meant for anal penetration, but when I saw it, I knew I wanted to try it vaginally. It was much much pointier than I expected it to be, and it literally felt like I was being poked internally.

Shortly thereafter, I grabbed the cock ring with the vibrator attachment. The Utopia Vibrating Love Ring to be exact. I lubed up The Boyfriend and was surprised at how easy the thing slid over him. Unfortunately, when I slid it on, the vibrator part was kind of off to one side, and getting it to turn to the front was near impossible. And I wasn’t about to remove the thing!

So for most of the actual sex, the clitoral vibrator was mostly on our legs. But the vibrations could be felt throughout his cock and it was incredibly good. It didn’t take him as long as I expected for him to cum, and when he did, it felt like the little nubbies along the ring expanded and began much more pronounced.

I maneuvered the clitoral stimulator to the front, and sat on it hard to keep it there, after he had finished cumming. After a few short twists of my hips, I was cumming frantically, scratching at The Boyfriend’s chest.

Pulling the ring off was a little bit harder, and I was so scared that I would hurt The Boyfriend. But other than that, it was a great fun time. Unfortunately, the sex didn’t help the headache that The Boyfriend had, so we fell asleep almost immediately afterwards.

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