The Rantings of a Tortured Mind – XXX Rated Edition is a blog about my sexual desires, experiences and insecurities and is part of The Rantings Network, a group of blogs and websites that I write and maintain.

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I am Valerie Rayne, a 23-year-old, stay-at-home mom of four. I am a creative, curious, and kinky individual (though not as kinky as some, I suppose). I consider myself to be a bi-curious S/switch. In the beginning of my sexplorations, Domination was the only thing I would consider. As more kids get added on, I seem to lean more towards submission. I think for someone who hasn’t had alot of experience in either of those areas, I seem to have alot of understanding. Maybe it’s all the research I’ve done.

I have had an interest in BDSM and fetishes for almost ten years now, though have only had a handful of experiences. I have had an interest in human sexuality my entire life, and my interest seems to grow with each passing year. To the point where I have three blogs focused solely on sexuality, this one, The Erotica of a Tortured Mind (currently accepting submissions) and Valerie Rayne – XXX Rated, where I share all my favorite quotes, facts, videos and pictures.

The thing to understand about my interests in sexuality, or my obsession (depending on how you look at it), is that I have no interest in porn (unless it’s me in it 😉 Hasn’t happened yet, but one day maybe), no interest in looking at pornographic pictures, and I really don’t care to have sex all that much. But I love to learn all I can about sexuality. I research it, I read about it, I love facts and I love science. Psychology and sexuality is where alot of my main interests lay. My dream job would be sex therapy. In the future, I hope to get more into fetish modelling and photography. I also believe heavily in acceptance and awareness, and strive daily to bring it to other’s lives, especially where sexuality is concerned. My biggest thought (and greatest annoyance) is that we’ve all be having sex for as long as humans have been on Earth, it’s pretty pathetic that it’s still so taboo to talk about and that so many people have problems communicating about it.

I am an avid singer/songwriter and have been playing instruments of some sort since I was 13. I am 100% self-taught in all areas of music except for vocals, and that is all public school choir teaching. I was in a gold medal winning choir for 3 years, and have been in school choirs since I was in Grade 1. I began playing guitar sometime around my 13th birthday, and have been playing ever since. I started writing my own songs when I was about 14, and love writing and look at it as a very personal thing. I have a blog dedicated to all my original songs, The Cadence of a Tortured Mind, and you can also check out some of my covers on My YouTube Channel.

I am in a monogamous long-term relationship, and have been with The Boyfriend for 2 years as of July 20th, 2010. He is a great guy who went from being a single guy with rent and bills as his only responsibility, to being in this relationship with 3 kids already and then we had one together. He’s dealt with it all amazingly. He’s mostly a gamer, and mostly only does that. He writes stories as well, though like me, often starts and never finishes. He is not exactly kinky, though tries to be for me.

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