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Well, I finally gave The Boyfriend head last night, almost completely to the end. Normally, head is just a tease before the sex. I was doing a really really great job, until seriously the most embarrassing thing that I’ve ever had happen during a sexual activity happened. I don’t even know for sure if he noticed at all, because I’m sure if he did, he would’ve been disgusted. I know I was, but mostly I was completely humiliated.

Has anyone else ever thrown up from deepthroating? It was retarded… I normally don’t have huge issues with my gag reflex, and I normally don’t have alot of problems deepthroating, as long as I’m at the right angle. Last night, The  Boyfriend seemed to just be completely massive, and it was incredibly hard to deepthroat and not choke.

Then just as he was about to cum, and my mouth was so filled with saliva that it was running down my chin and coating his balls, it happened. I had a towel close by, and very quickly cleaned it up. But it completely ruined it for me. I wanted to cry, I was so embarrassed…