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Well my friends, I have been hard at work these last two days, and am sure I’m on way to writing a pretty decent little novel. So what have I been working so hard on? Wouldn’t you like to know…

Just kidding 😉 This week, I learnt that Blogger now offers pages, which was the entire reason this blog was created with WordPress. I had used Blogger in the past for blogs that I never stuck with, and needed the use of pages for this blog. So, imagine my excitement upon finding out that Blogger offers pages!

I worked hard on getting on an old blog that I had started up and running. In a day, not only did I template search and html-ize the heck out of things, but I managed to write an extremely long post on my first day, followed up by an extremely long post written today.

The newest addition to The Rantings Network, The Erotica of a Tortured Mind hopes to offer quality BDSM and fetish erotica written by me 😉 Also, I’m hoping to accept submissions, so if you’ve got an erotic story or poem you’d like to submit, please feel free to contact me.

That was the other thing I was working so hard on this weekend. The Rantings of a Tortured Mind – PG Edition has no about page, because I don’t know how to write about my rather mundane life. I’ve been contemplating for months how to fix this problem, and as I searched through free templates on, I found the perfect solution.

If you ever want to contact me, or ever want to know more about me (sans images), the best place on the entire web to go to is my new Visiting Card. With a list of all the social networking sites I’m a part of, an about page and my contact information, this site is your go to contact page. Or you can use the information (which is the same) on the contact page of this site.

I look forward to seeing some submissions, and hopefully it will be more than the two Brighton Tales I’ve written already.