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“My Body is My Canvas”

CherriesThis Week’s Questions

  1. Do you have any piercings or tattoos? How old were you when you got them? Where are they and what do they look like?
  2. Do you want any piercings and tattoos? Where would you put them? Are you prepared for the pain?
  3. Have you ever considered scarification or branding?
  4. Would you most definitely go to a professional for your chosen body modification, or would you be willing to let an at-home beginner do it?
  5. If you have tattoos or piercings or scarification or branding or some other type of body modification, how worried about infection were you? Did you keep your mod extremely clean?

Have you ever self-mutilated?


  • Each week, for Wednesday, you post answers to the five questions that are posted. You may answer all, or only one or two of the questions. You can post in whichever format works for you, be it video, poetry, answers, pictures or audio.
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  • Leave a link to your post with the answered questions in the comments section of Wednesday’s WTMFI post. There is a special page for all the links that are submitted, so be sure to submit your links.
  • Have Fun!!!!
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